Terms & Conditions

1) Internet

Under no circumstances shall the wholesaler be allowed to sell the LE QUADRI HOTEL, KUALA LUMPUR (LQHKL) contracted rates through the Wholesaler‟s website or to any company (ies) selling on the web without prior written approval from LQHKL. However, the Wholesaler may package the contracted rates for room-and breakfast only (“Dry Rates”) into package stay, namely stay that includes sight-seeing and/or any other activities (“Package Stay”) but the Dry Rates component cost of the Packaged Stay shall not be revealed howsoever to the public. It is expressly agreed that such unauthorized publishing, directly or indirectly, of the LQHKL rates and/or Dry Rates would be a fundamental breach of this contract and under such circumstances. LQHKL reserves the right to forthwith terminate this contract without prejudice to rights to recover against antecedent breach, including without limitation claim for damages and/or losses.

2) Deposit/Payment/Credit Arrangement

FIT – Full payment to be received at least 7 days prior to arrival.

GIT – To secure booking, a deposit amounting to total room charge for 1 night be received at least 30 days prior to arrival. Full payment of total charges for rooms and pre arranged F & B must be received at least 14 days prior to arrival
Credit Arrangement – Credit facility may be extended to the Tour Operator/Agency subject to prior credit application and approval (a floating deposit or bank guarantee would be required).

3) Cancellation & No – Show Charge

In the event of cancellation, a written notice, by facsimile or Email must be received and acknowledged by the LQHKL at least 7 days prior to scheduled arrival; failing which the LQHKL is entitled to levy a one night cancellation charge also In the event of no-show for whatever reason, LQHKL is entitled to levy a one night room charge. If such no-show a booking involving any of Singapore‟s and/or Malaysia‟s public holidays and/or their eve, a surcharge amounting to the room charges for the public holiday and the eve (as the case may be) would be levied by LQHKL in additional to the aforestated one night room charge.

Cancellation charges amounting to 50% of total room charges would be levied for any written notice of cancellation received and acknowledged by LQHKL within 30 days of scheduled arrival and 100% of total room charges for such notification received and acknowledged within 14 days of scheduled arrival

4) Rooming List

Complete rooming list must be received at least 14 days prior to arrival: failing which LQHKL reserves the right to release all rooms for the confirmed booking and levy the above cancellation charges, and will not be liable for any claims to the Tour Operator/Agency that may arise.

5) Room Allotment – Closed Periods Notification

LQHKL reserves the right to withdraw any room allotment accorded to the Tour Operator/Agency by giving at least 30 days‟ written notice prior to the date/period to be withdrawn /closed.

6) Allotment Materialization

The Tour Operator/Agency hereby accepts and undertakes to maintain a 70% materialization of the room allotment accorded throughout the contract period; to be reviewed on a quarterly (three-monthly) basis commencing from the contract date. If such materialization is not achieved, LQHKL shall be at liberty to serve a notice on such non-materialization on the Tour Operator/Agency and thereafter, if such non-materialization persists foe a further period of three month not withstanding the due service of the said notice, LQHKL shall be at liberty or reduce the room allotment for the remaining period of the contract in question.

7) Mode Of Arrival/Departure

In the event of any delay in, postponement or cancellation of scheduled check-in/reservation at LQHKL arising directly or indirectly from the re-scheduling or cancellation of any form of transport to/from LQHKL whatsoever contracted for/by the Hotel guest, the Company shall not be in any held responsible nor liable to the Tour Operator/Agency or its customers nor caused to suffer losses and shall nevertheless be entitled to apply and levy the above Cancellation/No-show charges accordingly under such circumstances.

Standard Check-in Time – 2.00pm and standard Check-out time – 12.00 noon. Any late check-out, LQHKL reserved to charge 50% from the room charge with client or Tour Operator/Agency accordingly.

8) Confidentiality

All information contained herein is private & confidential and is not to be disclosed to any third parties under any circumstances.

9) Taxes And Service Charge

LQHKL reserves the right to adjust the contracted rates any time within the contract period in accordance with the revisions on such charges by the authorities concerned.

10) Force Majeure Clause

By acceptance of this Agreement, LQHKL shall not be liable or responsible for failure to execute arrangements specified herein directly on indirectly occasioned by or through or in consequence of war, change of statutes of Malaysian Government, strikes, riots and „Acts of God‟ or conditions beyond the control of the Hotel.